Can a Write Protected PDF That Cannot Be Copy And Pasted Be Indexed?

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Can a write-protected PDF that cannot be copy and pasted (thus preventing people from stealing your content) be indexed/crawled by Google? I’m not talking about a pdf with images of text on it, just plain text that cannot be copied and pasted.

You don't. You can use cute little Javascript hacks to do things like disabling right clicks, but people can disable Javascript or take a screenshot. Once t view the site, t have in fact already copied the text. A copy of the text now resides in their machine's memory. There is absolutely no way to keep them from keeping that copy if t so desire, and trying to will annoy legitimate users while not doing a thing to stop someone dead set on doing something abusive. How can you stop someone from copying what t can see? If worst came to worst, t could pop open a word processor and transcribe it by hand. It cannot be done. You can make it a little harder, but never impossible, and like I said, that's a lot more likely to irritate and drive away legitimate users than deter ones with bad intent.

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If someone were to steal the entire contents of their machine, they could still copy it down, but the text in there will no longer be theirs. This is a legitimate concern for privacy. So, yes, there's a serious problem here, and there's a lot of ways to deal with the problem that are completely fair. What's the solution? It's the solution everyone always says they want: You can either have the browser use encryption (which is currently being worked on) or disable right clicks at the click of a button. I know there are many arguments against this. The reason most people aren't saying this is that they're assuming a browser cannot do anything about right-clicking. This isn't true. With current security software, you can do things like make the mouse click sound, or allow the mouse to “go out of sync”. These can prevent you from.

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