Can I Write Movie Scripts in PDF Format?

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Can I write movie scripts in PDF format?

Writing a movie script, one should have working knowledge of how movies are shot / made, what are all the technical procedures involved, at what stages like editing, music score etc, then it will be more effective one can write a movie script, More engaging, effective,appealing,script. Basically in a movie script very important factor to be is how it is visualized on the huge silver screen, before the movie is shot, edited, music added, script writer would imagine it in his mind, and would have to write it on paper, every thing , every detail, first, what the character is why it behaves like, what made it to act like, are to be written down, the feelings, the actions, and reactions from opponent character, all to be written in detail as much as possible, along with script writer also has to incorporate the dialogues either written by a dialogue writer, or written by himself, also one should note about the characters are in close range or t are at a distance as t are close enough, to be noted as close-up, in a long shot, etc..are t are travelling in a car / train, all these are to be written if it is adapted from a novel / book, if it is original written for movie, you have to write every detail, right from a light switch on wall to a plane up above flying high, in a kitchen, to how it is in white house, to in a submarine, on a train, in deep jungle to crowded mall, to solitary jail cell, all emotions, actions, feelings, howls, singing, dancing, all in word, & letters,all if you are conversant, with shooting , you can go on writing with starting with ——Scene No.1 Shot No.1 Day / Night / Indoor / Out door / time 7 o’clock morning/night. Heroine in the Bed, opens eye to sun light, looks around, Shot 2. hero, peeping from the slit of bath room door, ———— Scene No.21, Shot No.1Mall Mid Day, full of shopping crowd police looking, ———-Shot No. 2 Close-up, Inspector looking around, catches and holds a look, ———Shot No. 3, Mid-shot, The lost child crying , milling people going aroung, ———-Shot No. 4 Mid-close-up, Villain, catches a look of child, turns looks at police, In some sequences there are innumerable details have to noted, not leaving a pin also be marked, so that at the time of shooting it is executed perfectly and at the end of the day the credit goes to the script write who has written, well written.

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If there is a scene in the novel/short story, when writing movie script, one should have clear idea of what the events will be like, what are t here though in it, all the scenes, every detail, that will take place in novel, or a short story, are in the screenplay, if it is adapted from a novel/short story that is written for movies or short stories or novels written for movie, and it includes the dialogue of protagonist as well as antagonist, there should be a clear understanding about all what are happening, and all what will happen, also in the screenplay it is advisable to note what are words like the ones in screenplay, which will be used in the screenplay, so that it will give a clear explanation as in movie it is a screenplay, not screenplay. In order to write movies, the scriptwriter needs to.

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