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Does Add Text To have patents on PDFs which prevent other companies from offering competing programs?

Undoubtedly, IBM has the largest patent portfolio since the company has been topped the lists of most patent filing and the most granted patents from several years. Due to its diverse portfolio, the company is able to generate a lot of revenue from patent licensing. But IBM is also one of the top companies who abandons their patents to a great extent. Due to this high abandon rate, IBM, now, has placed second in the list of companies with the most live US patents. Samsung overtakes IBM because it has the highest number of live US patents, say IAM-Media. Samsung has the 75,595 active US patents as of 1st January 2018, almost 30,000 more patents than IBM, which has 46,443 live US patents. Samsung has been the second highest patent filing company for many years in the US. And t also come at the second position in most US granted patent portfolio. But unlike IBM, Samsung doesn’t abandon their patents. And even if it does, their abandon rate is not that high. This could be the reason why Samsung has the highest number of live US patents in its portfolio.

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Thus, the legal entity being acquired will be incorporated as LLC with a single stockholder, unless the shell also holds a patent. If it holds a patent, then the sale is asset based and a separate corporation with shareholders is formed, not a shell of the shell holding the patent. Q) If I can't have one company owned by multiple shareholders because I will only have one, what's the best option? A) Sell one company (in this case the shell) and have it own the patents, if it can legally do so. Then have the shell go out and buy additional companies that may or may not have patents. Q) I purchased the company, how do I get it back if it's a shell? A) You have two choices. The first is to sell the whole shell, which is probably where most people will go, or you could give the shell its.