How Do I Use a PDF to Write Fanfictions?

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How do I use a PDF to write fanfictions?

There are a lot of things that make writing fanfiction fun and relatively pressure-free. The world already exists you know the name of the location where everyone lives or exists you know how large it is and if there are defining characteristics of that world The world has been populated you know the names of many of the main characters the relationships between the main characters has been defined, but you are free to change those things as you wish The characters have been definted age size (approximate) gender or gender identity strengths or weaknesses, or perceived … again you can change as you see fit If you go to a fanfiction site, find an author or several you like and look at what t are doing well, if there are commonalities to what you think you want to do, and review their work. Reviewing the work of other fanfiction writers opens the door for conversations, possible suggestions, and sometimes even guidance. Because no one in the world of fanfiction gets paid, the review you leave is its own form of payment. Plus if t respond to you, you can ask where t get their ideas, etc. You’d be surprised at how friendly t can be. If any of your friends read or write fanfiction in the world you want to write in or for, ask them to beta for you. See if you can get their overall perception of what you think you want to do and as you go along. No one who writes, whether in professionally published fiction, nonfiction, or even fanfiction started out writing perfectly. The goal is the write. Don’t worry about form, mistakes, perfection, etc. You can always change things later. But you can’t change and perfect a story that only exists between your ears. Have fun. Breathe. Remember this isn’t life or death and you won’t be paying your rent with your success or failures. Get out there and write something!! Oh, and if you need to hear it, I’m proud of you for wanting to write!

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