How Should I Study for An Exam That Is in 3 Days?

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How should I study for an exam that is in 3 days? I didn't write down my notes but I have them as PDF. Should I start studying already or write them first?

I am the ultimate master at cramming for tests. For this question, I'm going to assume you're talking about VERY IMPORTANT, DIFFICULT tests. I'll categorize the following items into three categories. cramming three days before, and cramming the night before, and cramming like RIGHT before. Cramming 3 days before. First Day= Scan the material with a highlighter QUICKLY/Watch all the lectures on 1.5x speed. Second and Third Day= Jump into practice tests right away (or redo all of your HW if you don't have them). Eat well and sleep around 6 hours. Don't bother making flashcards or whatever, but take notes on what you've missed and dive into the material again afterwards. Do 30 jumping jacks every two hours to keep your blood flowing. Don't fool around with caffeine, you'll regret it. Put your phone on do-not-disturb. Cramming the night before. Sleep is for the weak. And chuck your phone out the window. But don't kill the phone, you'll need it for last-minute help from your friends. You'll also need it for studying in the bathroom when the coffee hits your system. Just sit down and crash the material. Start off making two cups of coffee. Put 1 of them in the freezer, and sip the other. Don't chug it all in one go though. DO NOT STUDY IN YOUR BEDROOM. You will fall asleep, guaranteed. I don't care how strong you think you are. You'll fail. So sit down at a table and spend, maybe, 1 hour reviewing. If you have practice tests, then dive into them. If you don't, redo ALL of the homework assignments. Around 4–7AM, you're going to feel drowsy. Find that slightly frozen coffee and drink it down. Eat something with this cup. No fruits or vegetables or sweets. Eat protein or healthy grains. An hour or so before the test, focus on rereading the material. Trust me, this will save your ass. You need to re-absorb. If possible, take a really short (5 min) run right before reviewing. If not, don't stress about it, but the run will definitely help. Right before you take the test, you're going to feel really jittery from the coffee and the nerves. DO NOT FRANTICALLY REVIEW 15–20 minutes before the test. This will destroy you… I can't tell you how many times I did this and had a melt down when the test was given to me. Or I saw something wrong while rushing and started getting conflicted. Just sit down and breathe. Concentrate on breathing in and out. Finally, ace your test. Go with your gut answer, don't try to logic it out too much. Just trust me. If you try to argue with yourself, you're going to end up with a trash answer. You've been up all night. Go with your gut. Cramming RIGHT before. This is the most desperate of cases, but it still can be successful. What you CAN do is ask your friends for the answers to the practice test. Then look over how t're solved and write down the hardest things. You can also ask them for the hardest material. Then, rush through it and work down from there. If you can, reread all of the material with a highlighter. Don't write anything down. Don't bother breathing or eating or pooping. On the test, logic EVERYTHING out. I'm assuming you had a decent night of sleep. Just think about what the best answer would be. As you can tell, I am qUItE experienced with cramming for tests. I've been doing it for years, and these methods are what work best for me (A- at the very lowest). Everyone's different, obviously, so you'll have to experiment to find your own method. The best thing would be to just NOT PROCRASTINATE and study well. But good luck with whatever test you have!

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