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I want to do cursive practice. Rather than simply practicing a-z, I would like to practice seeing and writing sentences. Can you recommend a PDF for these exercises?

Nothing without seeing it. But if I did see it I could tell everything about your personality. I’d see things you’d agree with. I’d see things you would disagree with because you either couldn’t see it in yourself or didn’t like to hear about it. I could tell how you would be likely to behave in any given situation. I could tell how social or unsocial you are, how much you are likely to allow your feelings to show, whether or not you carry grudges, how you think and how intelligent you are, whether you go after your goals or don’t really bother, whether you are determined to succeed when obstacles appear or just give up, your fears and insecurities, how you deal with adversity, how trustworthy you are, and since I also have a background in career counselling, I could probably give you some great ideas as to what types of work you would find most satisfying and have the natural abilities for. Each of these points can be greatly expanded, but I hope that’s enough to be going on with.)

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Now then, let us return to the subject of my personality evaluation. I have received you in these past three interviews because you represent the ideal match for me as a career counselor. While I may not personally know you, I recognize that there are many similarities in my experiences with others I have met while working on the job here at McGill. If I had to pick between your talents and those of any potential hire, I would be inclined to give you a preference over any potential recruit, although you do not necessarily have to have worked with me. It is also worth noting that my assessment has come through many years working as an academic counselor, and that my assessments have been largely positive. As your career path has evolved, your skills and experience have steadily continued to improve. As well, you are currently in the.

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