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I wrote my PhD dissertation in LaTeX, but my advisor told me it needs to be in a format other than PDF to send to my committee members. He says it is too difficult to make comments or corrections on PDF. What is the best format for a dissertation?

Your supervisor is being tough on you for some reason. He/she offers only criticism of the pdf format but no suggestion of a preferred format, which is surprising. Besides, supervisors/reviewers often review documents from multiple, non-coercible sources and know how to provide comments irrespective of format, for example, by commenting in a seperate file using text copy and line/page numbers as reference. Exploit the absence of a preferred format and bombard your supervisor with multiple formats of your thesis. - Use the great tool "pandoc" to convert your thesis to Microsoft Word and other common formats. - Place your thesis on a collaborative LaTex editor such as "sharelatex". - Build a pdf thesis with line numbers, large gutter/margin space and double line text. - Use latexdiff to produce post-review version of the pdf thesis. Hopefully, all these options combined should satisfy the thesis reviewers. Good luck!

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What I did was basically to copy/pasted the text from one .docx file into another, and then pasted my .docx extension into the .pdf extension. And that was it. In less than a minute, I was back in business! I was working like a pro. At first, I thought, “Well, at least you didn't waste two days of my life.” But then I thought “No, I'm only wasting my life for this.” That's a little too bad, but anyway, here's a picture of the finished product: How to use latex: “You can make a copy of any document in the thesis (i.e. not the summary), edit it with latex diff, and later post-review.

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