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If I copy data, for example, Ghazals or Naats from different books and write in MS Word and make a PDF book for selling purposes, would it be a copyright issue rise or not?

The presence or absence of a copyright notice doesn’t mean anything. You don’t have to put copyright notices on things. This PDF and the IP it represents belongs to someone else, which means you can’t use it without their written permission; unless you are using it in some way that is allowed under some kind of ‘fair use’ exception where you live. That might mean, for example, that it’s fine to quote bits of it as part of a review. But the law isn’t the same everywhere, and you should check.

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The Copyright Act does cover you in the UK. If you don’t mind, the best place to check is in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, which gives you permission and makes a distinction between fair use and fair dealing. (Most people don't read this far, so I'll cut to the chase: it's the copyright law that's more confusing than the actual law. Here's a basic guide to the different copyright laws used in the UK.) I mean, it's a copyright law, and you know your way around it. Of course, you do, but not if you're not a lawyer, and you care about doing your job. If you're not sure if you can use the work, do this simple test: is it relevant to the topic you're working on, given your job is about something else? (It's not as easy as it sounds; it might even be.