What Do Employers Absolutely Not Want to See on a Résumé?

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What do employers absolutely not want to see on a résumé?

Not a recruiter, but a hiring manager. So, I usually see the resumes once t’ve been vetted/cleared quickly by someone else. Here’s what I frown upon (in order of preference). Typos, misspellings, grammatical mistakes, and inconsistencies. if you write a date one way, continue that pattern throughout the whole thing. I think you lack attention to detail when I see this. Bouncing from job to job, particularly with varying titles, in gaps of less than a year or two. I work in Silicon Valley, so frequent company changes are normal; but a drastic shift in titles every time is wary to me. I think you can’t commit to a mission, are still finding your way, have no idea what you really want to do, or just view each position as a stepping stone to what you really want. Non-applicable skillsets. You should spend some time custom-tailoring your resume to each position you apply for and the story you want to be told about who you are. Referrals through job sites. Everyone knows a personal referral is the best chance at landing a job somewhere. What t don’t know, is on the backend system we look through, if you submit through a jobs site/board (like Indeed, Monster, etc) - that is your referral. It makes me think you’re just blindly applying to dozens of positions you may think are relevant quickly - the spray and pray method. See #3, which you’re probably doing as well. Lack of social media or professional network (GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, personal domain, etc.). This is probably unique, given the type of role I hire for (50% developer, 50% teacher - with a sprinkle of acting on top). Include these and t should be up to date. I guarantee I will Google you and if you have your own domain on your email address I’m going to try and visit that and expect something to be there.

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Write on PDF: All You Need to Know

See #2 and #4 for the reason for it. Tons of spelling and/or grammar errors. I hate typos. Here, it is important that you keep a consistent style throughout your resume. Your cover letter should have a strong narrative — the story you can go in depth. Here's what I look for on a cover letter: Written in a way that shows you have done your research Clearly shows that you read about it (like in the example above) Has a few pictures Shows a real passion for what you're applying for Has a strong desire to work at the location you are applying (for example, if you're applying for a position at a bootstrapped startup, show an interest in visiting and/or working in Atlanta) Tells about the roles you are applying for and shows examples of what you know about what they do Is respectful See #6 and #7 for an example. Your qualifications have no.