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What is the best way to study PDF files?

Hello everyone. I'm going to tell you about a student. Vaibhav The best brain I've ever come across. Also my roomie and I'm extremely lucky to have him.I don't know about other students who study day and night and then get decent or more than Average marks in the examination. I will tell you about a person who studies just for 3 days in the whole semester and still one of the topper of IISc Bangalore.He has the ability to sleep 16 hours a day and he does it with complete perfection.Whatever the situation is, all he does is…..Sleep. This is what he did in last Semester. 2 day before the exam he didn't even know the syllabus for examination. One day before the examination he downloaded the syllabus and arranged them according to the preference. He then Googled every topic of the syllabus just to get the flavour of the examination ( 60 min Max). After that He took an A4 size paper and Noted down whatever he understood from every topic(I still don't know why?). And What He did next. Any Guess?……… SLEEP. He woke up at 10PM and started studying till 9AM i.e 1 hour before the exam.When he got ready for the examination I asked him “So you finished everything right?” and then he replied “No Man. Only 50 % is done.”Now the result time.He got 8.3 CGPA ( with an effort of 1 day) and I got 8.1 CGPA ( after studying whole semester). I asked him “How do you study”He Smiled and said,Why He Googled every topics? When you don't know about anything ,what you should do is just to know what you want to know because this give your brain a message that Son Get ready for upcoming bomb. Now In Main time i.e 10 PM to 09 AM what he did. He first noted down all the important questions (1 question in one A4 sheet) that was given in the last page of every chapter and then started reading every chapter throughly and whenever he got something related to that question, he noted down all the points in the question sheet and at the end he revised all the points 2–3 times ,that simply helped him to connect what's the question demanded in the examination hall. I tried the same pattern in my recent semester and I must say this is the best way to study in less time.Because you gain more when you know clearly what you are going to study and you can concentrate on the points which is required for the examination. I'll give you a demo. For example you are going from Delhi to Mumbai and when you reached at Mumbai someone ask you How many Stations, Junctions and Halts you have crossed to reach here?.Probably you won't be able to answer at that moment.Now you get the information that when you will reach Mumbai you will get a question (Same question).What will happen then?Your mind alert and count all the station, junction and Halt throughout the journey. Study is the same thing. You must have to focus on the things that you really want to know. Shukr.

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Off. Your. Face. (Or something like that) Study is something very simple. If you don't give yourself a break from it, you will fall miserably like all other students of our universities. For example, you are going from Bangalore to Mumbai and when you reached here you got some question in a quiz or a test in exam hall. The question is the same. The solution is very easy, but you have not got a Break. So, this is your break. You have to understand what you have learned in exam hall to reach this destination. Do the homework and go for a run or walk in campus. Don't go to pub/bar or go to the library. And yes if you study you will get good marks. If you cannot manage to study the time is up. I've talked a lot about studying, but I have one more thing to share.

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