What Kind of Books Are in Your Bookshelf?

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What kind of books are in your bookshelf?

Almost none. I only keep dead tree versions of my absolute favorites. The rest are electronic these days, in part because I’ve moved a fair bit in the last few years. I prefer dead tree books, for what it’s worth. But t’re heavy. ;) Also, when I’m done with my books, I tend to give them to outstanding students. Nice, inexpensive gifts to those who made my job a bit easier. I’ve got perhaps a dozen in my desk at school that I’m thinking about giving away - first, I have to decide which student fits best with which book. What dead tree books have I got? 1984 (Orwell), 2001 (and sequels, Clarke), The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (illustrated versions that I’ve had for ages). Very old chemistry and science books. A few sci-fi novels I purchased or received as gifts. Otherwise, it’s all electronic, or else saved in the old meat computer.

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Why do I keep all these books? I can't seem to keep up with all my books, or find them on the shelf. What do I give with them, if anything? Why, I keep them for posterity, for the historical record if you will. The other thing is that, as much as I like and appreciate electronic technology, I love books. But I cannot keep up with this stuff fast enough. I can put it in my head, but it won’t be as easy as typing. I'm sure I have somewhere in my brain a collection of books that I’ve read, and in different formats, and I can go back and find the ones I love. Now, you’ll understand that, without a digital archive, my brain probably wouldn’t work very well. That's why I have this. My personal library. What makes my library so complete? , I could hardly.