What Should I Do for My First Order on Fiverr?

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What should I do for my first order on Fiverr? Should I write on Blogger and publish it to my client or submit it in PDF format?

Since your link came up with a list of gig types and not your specific gig, I must assume you haven't set one up for this service. Closely look over the gigs with the most sales. You'll find many things in common. One is a cover that is easy on the eyes, not too crowded with too many details, just the main gig. If you look at all the covers, let your eyes go to the ones that attract you to it. You'll see that less is better to catch peoples attention. There is room for several pictures and attachments. Use as many as possible. This keeps the reader on your page longer. If your gig can be divided into smaller gigs, make additional gigs listing the smaller tasks if there are any. For example if your main gig was SEO you can see there are many SEO gigs like SEO for webpages, link building, shopify, on page SEO, SEO audits, SEO and fix errors on the webpage, Editing, write up a youtube description, and so on. Make your description long and detailed. When t see that you have a good grasp of the English language, you will immediately have and edge. If not, have someone edit all your text for you. I did some web design for a while on Fiverr. I had Wordpress webdesign gigs for 3 industries. It went well until I figured out that there is no standard way to get the website onto their hosting site which didn't exist because t has no clue what that meant. I had to teach some of them what hosting was, how to install Wordpress, and then if I got that far, I had to upload the template pages and show them how to use the editor! Meanwhile the Fiverr clock ran out, I got many red lettered emails warning me that I wasn't meeting my deadline and finally there was a fail. This was a nightmare so I quit Fiverr. If I were to do it over, I WOULDN"T DO Web DESIGN! Any other gig is a word doc or graphic image. Anyway enough ranting. Start out with the cheapest price on the page for the same gig. It's important to get the first gig! Stay cheap for a few orders then re-evaluate.

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Write on PDF: All You Need to Know

Here is a little trick that will take care of many of the issues. You'll want to set up an email list for each gig. These are free, and you can sign up just to get the gig email. However, you can send multiple emails if you want them to be sent to all recipients in one email. Once you have a list, it's extremely easy to keep it up to date with gig email/news updates. So if you get new gig emails every day, you just have to read them. The important thing is to keep it up to date. For my list, I was looking at the gig list when I saw that someone was just put it up for the same gig that I thought I was looking at. I clicked and immediately had a gig on it! That means your email list can be updated by people who.

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