What Software Do Large Companies Use To Write Their PDF Reports?

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What software do large companies use to write their PDF reports?

As an Agilist, I cringe at some of the answers given. But there’s a lot of truth to them; for many organisations, good waterfall is better than Agile because Agile not done well will suck for them (well, Agile not done well will suck for everyone - and so does badly done waterfall, obviously). Anyway, most people use waterfall, because t do not know any other way of doing things properly. I was in that bunch 13+ years ago, and it was even my job to make waterfall work. I was a process improvement manager responsible for the development and training of good software practices & processes, and we were actually pretty good with traditional back then. Still, the main reason we used waterfall was because we didn’t know anything better. The ideas and practices were handed down to us from outside, from people who thought t knew how to create good software. We also had customers who required us to deliver documents and deliver based on those documents. Most people have never seen Agile done well, and thus - for a good reason - do not see it as a better alternative. I would not want those people to use Agile. Not until t ”get it”, because t will not succeed without it. I could not have used Agile successfully back then. I mean no judgment, only understanding. Another reason is, waterfall is easier. Much easier. Agile is hard. Especially in large environments with lots of teams, products, legacy code, traditions, dependencies, etc. Waterfall to them is just a natural way of doing things. Becoming Agile will be challenging their core beliefs and structures. Maybe in 20 or 40 years, when there are entirely new generations of people leading organisations, Agile is similarly natural way of doing stuff. Right now it isn’t. Third, while Agile doesn’t mean that there cannot be deadlines and predictablity, most people believe that plans = outcomes, and t like that feeling of confidence about future. T (mostly manager, not the technical people) want to feel in control, and even an illusion of that control is better than accepting that t are not in any kind of real control. Lastly, because waterfall has been hugely successful (even if not without its failures, but Agile can also fail) in the past. It all represented a step up from the less structured approaches of the past. But, it was successful as long as people used it to build predictable stuff - bridges, factories, buildings, etc. In those environments, we can know all the requirements and we can trust that t do not change (in any dramatic sense) during the delivery. We understand the stuff we work with (metals, earth, stone, mechanical components, etc.), and t do not change either during delivery. Thus it is possible to craft a plan that makes sense and is achievable within anticipated timelines and cost. Unfortunately, most software isn’t like that.

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Most organizations have big backlogs which may exceed the scope of the original projects (or even the scope of the current projects they are working on, which has the same problem). People don’t write plans to work on projects with bigger backlogs than they are currently working on. If we are honest about the fact that we are writing this blog on a topic we know is going to raise eyebrows here, let me say that we are writing this on a topic we know is going to cause people to have deep, long-term doubts about our sanity. And I can think of many reasons why they might have doubts about it, one of them being that they believe it is t impossible to write plan to work on a big software backlog that will be larger than the scope of t original projects. That is, a backlog that.

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