Where Can I Get a Free PDF of the Language of Composition Reading?

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Where can I get a free PDF of The Language of composition: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric (teacher's Manual)?

Wikipedia has this to say. The rhetorical situation is the circumstance of an event that consists of an issue, an audience, and a set of constraints. Three leading views of the rhetorical situation exist today. One argues that a situation determines and brings about rhetoric, another proposes that rhetoric creates "situations" by making issues salient, and yet another explores the rhetor as an artist of rhetoric, creating salience through a knowledge of commonplaces. Lloyd Bitzer defined the rhetorical situation as, "A complex of persons, events, objects, and relations presenting an actual or potential exigence which can be completely or partially removed if discourse, introduced into the situation, can so constrain human decision or action as to bring about the significant modification of the exigence." A rhetorical question on the other hand, is a question which does not require an answer. “Is this the kind of literature to which we want our young people exposed?” Asked in a debate about censorship.

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The question to ask, in any case, is not what our community is not: it is what we are, what our culture is. For example, one might want to know whether “The Cat Who Walks Through Walls” contains any racist elements, even though we all consider this a beautiful work. And if the question is about the appropriateness of a certain piece of literature for school use, one might want to know the reasons for our decision. This is not merely a question for literary scholars such as myself: there are people who simply ask questions about the way the world works; people who ask questions about their lives and about themselves. In this situation the writer must choose whether to present the problems or the solutions. The writer may be the solution-provider, or he may simply represent the problems so that they are recognizable and are more.

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